Mrs A visits the hospital front cover

Her name is a pun on MRSA, and in our story Mrs.A. and her daughter Staphylococcus (Staphy to her friends) and her son Aureus live in the nose of a very nice lady called Maureen

Maureen represents all who enter the hospital with no idea that they could be harbouring viruses or bacteria. Organisms that could compromise the health of those they are visiting or with whom they come into contact.

"Mrs. A visits the hospital” aims through the adventures of Aureus and the rest of the bacteria family to make the invisible bacteria visible in the imagination, and further promote a culture of hand hygiene within the NHS

Hand washing is one of the most important hygiene principles in the prevention of infection. Mrs A Visits the hospital provides education and entertainment for children to encourage hand washing as well as advice for parents to help reduce the chance of spreading infection to your child while in hospital.

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